You will then travel down through canyons until you reach Kawasan Falls. Take the opportunity to go on a Cebu City food tour to sample some of the region’s well-loved dishes. These tours highlight Cebuano cuisine history as well as beloved cooking techniques. Some of them take you to authentic local street food adventures. You can conveniently book theMalapascua thresher sharks diving tour or upon your arrival to Cebu. The tour begins early in the morning as this is the shark’s normal visitation time to Monad Shoal.

Most popular is the Canyoning at Kawasan, Montaneza tour is most complete and Tison falls the most challenging. The city of Cebu is surrounded by numerous scenic islands. So, to relish their beauty, make sure to get a Cebu island tour package and go for islet hopping. You can book and reserve our cebu tour packages directly on our website. If you’d like a custom tour, please shoot us an email and we’ll be pleased to create a plan for you. Cebu Travel Agency and Canyoneering Cebu Badian Adventure are operated by Smartway Travel and Tours Services, A Travel Agency based in Cebu.

All our Cebu Trekking is tours can be now organized as well. Snorkeling or diving in Pescador Island can be booked start of April. If your a sports enthusiast and adventure seeker, Canyoneering activity is best for you. Experience this famous water sports activity and be amazed by the beauty of its canyon. The cold water and the refreshing atmosphere guarantees your satisfaction.

I believe you can get a better bang for your buck by booking your tours through them. From beaches to hiking trails, cold springs, waterfalls, and cultural sites, Cebu may be your next ultimate travel destination! During your visit, consider doing some of these top cebu tours and activities listed. You may initially plan a one or two-day travel itinerary but Cebu is actually more of a long-term holiday spot. Winter is the most ideal season for travelers to visit the gorgeous city of Cebu. During this period, the weather stays quite cool and calm.

That’s a huge plus to the BEST adventure they arranged for us. Go Cebu was very accommodating to organize a 4 day tour for us at short notice. Good communication skills from the company on a daily basis via facebook messenger or phone call. Travel Cebu offers the best rate, best driver, best accommodation, best vehicle to its guests.

This is the only way to ensure that you will get the tour that you have reserved. We at Kagana Tours Inc. can manage any tour, whether it’s an adventurous or relaxed trip. Smartway Travel and Tours Services was established in January 2005. Providing quality tours for more than 18 years in the travel industry.

First, the packages are designed to bring the best out of the clients’ budget. Travel Cebu has arranged for the itinerary, transportation and accommodation of the travel at a minimal cost. The famous Kawasan falls, with its powerful and cool blue waters, brings magic in anyone’s travel. This adventure will surely take your soul and heart away.

You can also pay in cash if the tour begins the next day, Full payment will be collected by the designated driver at the start of the tour. When you schedule a tour, you must pay a certain amount at the time of booking as a reservation fee thru our website. Payment reservation is accepted thru Paypal, all major credit cards and Gcash.

Cebu is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, but it is also a commercial hub for many businesses. Whether you’re staying in the province for business or a restful vacation, you won’t run out of options when it comes to Cebu tours and activities. This article lists the top ones to help you decide what to include in your itinerary.

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